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Give yourself the gift of peace of mind. You can leave the office knowing that no matter what time of the day it is, or how pressing the matter, there will be someone to take charge and relay all calls appropriately. If your customers reach a voicemail, they will hang up and call someone else—your competition.

Our answering services eliminate this worry for your business. When your customers always speak to a representative of your company, you ensure that you receive all messages from all customers, never missing a beat.

Our professionalism and friendly voices will make your customers and clients feel like they are getting real-time assistance from a knowledgeable person.

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Dedicated Team Working Hard For Your Company


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Trained, vetted, friendly and multilingual efficient professional agents are at your service
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if your regular staff is out sick or on vacation or otherwise occupied so that they can’t answer the phones, you don’t have to stress anymore.  We can help and be there to answer incoming calls expertly and appropriately.
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24 / 7 365 DAYS

Why are 24/7 Answering Services Important? When we say 365 days a year we mean it–holidays, birthdays, sick days, leave of absences, business travel— regardless of the reason for your employees’ days off; regardless of the day or time, we will assist you in operating business as usual. Some of the Industries We Serve Many businesses need to be operating 24/7. That’s why we offer our services to all kinds of businesses, offering specially trained professionals in the areas needed.
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we can handle multiple calls at once. An in-house person can handle only one call at a time. With BH Global Solutions multiple calls can be handled at once. No call will ever go unanswered. Each and every call will be answered promptly and handled expertly. We delight in being the extension to your office. No matter when your calls come in, you can provide stellar customer service and make sure you never lose any leads.  Our answering services provide you with peace of mind. You can sleep easy knowing, no matter what time it is, or how pressing the matter, we have you covered.

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sometimes you may experience high call/email volume. Whether it’s because of a marketing effort or a busy the time of the month, season, or year, when your call volume increases we’ll be right there to help answer your calls.
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After Hours Calling—you might not have staff available on a rotational basis to answer calls after hours or during weekends or holidays. With us you know that you are fully covered
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Our live phone operators will use specific instructions based on the way you want your calls answered. We will review the types of calls you expect to receive, information to be captured, and the message disposition you’d prefer. We also like to hear about your business and how you plan on using the service so as to make sure that we answer in the way that is best suited to your business. Customers use us for many different reasons—after hours answering services, virtual receptionists for a small offices, overflow for larger ones, lead capture services, scheduling and confirmation of appointments, improving customer service with live answering, etc.
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We assign you a phone number that our software recognizes and brings up your account details to our staff. Forward your existing phone number to us. Picking a specific time of day or time frame is also an option. Your calls are routed to our team, where they are waiting to handle your customers according to your specifications.
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Most setups will be complete within 3 hours of your setup call. Once the setup of your personalized service is complete, we can start taking your calls! We will follow your instructions strictly and diligently. Whether you want your phone calls to be forwarded to specific members of your team, or whether you want the message to be relayed to you at a later time, BH Global Solutions will work to ensure everything runs smoothly and professionally.
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Telemarketing services are very important because they can help you look for a market for your goods or services. It can also help you in acquiring information on customers through a well integrated pipeline. There are a lot of other advantages that hiring these services can bring to your business and when you come to realize what those are, you can definitely say the time and money you invested for this campaign is worthwhile. We help businesses rise up in the market through our superb telemarketing expertise, fit for any business need.
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